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My husband has been looking for a job for over two years. That’s a long time! He had a number of interviews, even some second interviews, but none of them panned out. Many potential employers were in Pittsburgh, meaning he would have to drive 40 miles or more (much more in some cases!). It has been a frustrating two years for our entire family.

Finally, last week, my husband was offered not one, but two jobs, both closer to home. After all this time! Can you believe it? When it’s God timing, I guess it’s REALLY God’s timing!

My first thought: Where were one of these companies last year? Or the year before? That’s a normal response, isn’t it?

It’s also quite a human response. That question – where was this opportunity last year – assumes timings in life are up to us. Nothing could be further from the truth! The timing of everything under the sun is up to GOD.

So the right question then becomes: Why did God make us wait? What was the purpose of His timing? What did we learn through that process? Did we use that waiting time effectively?

Waiting, rather than being offered a job with a two-hour drive, means my husband is now working only 20 minutes from home. If he had gotten a previous job, he may have never even applied for this one. God wanted him to wait for a job closer to home, a more appropriate opportunity. So, we had to wait.

Waiting does not mean you sit around doing nothing, a fact my husband Ray instinctively knew. Not only did he stay active in managing softball finances and websites, but he also furthered his accounting career – by passing the CPA exams (no small feat!) and starting in a Master of Accountancy program. These tasks moved him forward in his career, providing him with skills and knowledge he may have never gained had he been hired a year ago.

Many CPA firms pay for their accountants to take the CPA exams. Ray’s initiative, completing this critical task on his own, makes him more attractive now for companies (who won’t have to pay a dime toward his certification).

Not only did Ray further his career during his “waiting” time (waiting for someone to hire him) – he spent more time with his family. Our children got to have us BOTH home this past year (since I am now working from home) – a very unorthodox arrangement that was a blessing for us all.

My husband was also not the only one to learn a lesson or two while we waited. Over the past two years, I have learned to more deeply trust in God – and much more patiently, with fewer complaints. I also learned to respect my husband’s decisions, that he knows what is best for his career and that I need to support his choices. I believe we’ve grown closer because of this time where we both waited actively.

Not having Ray home every day will take some adjustment – and not just for the children. It’s been nice to hang out together during the week, be able to take a break to go to the movies or to lunch while avoiding the weekend crowds.

Yet, this new arrangement may also be good for us in its own ways as well. It will certainly help me stay on a more sane work schedule. And maybe we’ll get on each other’s nerves a little less. 🙂 It will certainly improve our finances and diminish stress.

The past two years have been a struggle for us, but we gained patience and trust. God had a plan through the waiting period that was just as important as the end result.

Why did God make us wait?

Look what we would have missed out on if we hadn’t!

That’s my answer, and I’m sticking to it!


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