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My daughter’s name is Jessica. So, when I heard of another little girl around the same age, also named Jessica, who needs our help, I felt that God meant for me to pass the word on to others.

This little girl named Jessica needs a liver transplant. Knowledge Box Central is holding a benefit where you can buy a cookbook written by Jessica and her mother (“In the Kitchen with Jessica”). All proceeds go directly to Jessica!

You can also receive $250 in additional free products from various publishers who have donated books, ebooks, and other items (including the free ebook “Dress for De-Stress: How Wearing the Full Armor of God Helps Deflect the Fiery Darts of Worry and Distress” that I wrote for my “Balancing Tips” newsletter subscribers). Many other publishers and authors have donated books for this worthy cause.

The full story about this amazing little girl can be found at:


Please help out this little girl and her family! Thank you, and God bless you!


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Today is magical.

When I stepped outside this morning to start the car (to take my daughter to the bus stop), the snow was spellbinding, mesmerizing, beautiful, miraculous! I looked down over our yard, the trees dusted with white. I held my face to the sky, catching the fluffy flakes in my hair and on my eye lids. Twenty-three degrees didn’t even feel cold. All I felt was joy and oneness with God. How amazing that He created something so beautiful, so majestic, so regal, so pure.
I started singing worship songs, praising my Lord for such a wonderful, magical morning. When my daughter joined me outside, I told her, “This is the day that the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” And I twirled around, snowflakes falling all around me while her little brother watched from the doorway of the house (thinking Mommy was crazy, I’m sure).
And I was crazy! I AM crazy. I’m crazy for God! I’m filled with His love and warmth on one of the first cold wintry days of the year, and I am so blessed.
One of the best blessings God has provided is His Son’s cleansing blood that washes us all white as snow. We are ALL covered in “snow” for all eternity. God loves us that much! John 3:16 is the most wondrous Scripture. “For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that all should have everlasting life.” HOW WONDROUS! HOW AMAZING! God loves me that much. I’m not worthy, yet He still loves me! He loves us all.
My prayer for others is that everyone finds this everlasting life with God. He wishes that none should perish, and He provides a way, opening eyes and filling hearts with His love.
I never want to leave God’s winter wonderland where I’m covered in love as pure and white as snow. Every day is the day that the Lord hath made! Now and forever and ever and ever…. AMEN!

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