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Recently, as I tried to fall asleep, the colors swirled behind my closed eyelids. Red, yellow, purple, black, white. Some swirling like a pool of water being swished, others flashing like lightning.

I like watching the colors behind my eyes. When I meditate, I often mentally glide through the colors as though I’m being propelled through a kaleidoscope wormhole toward a shapeshifting rainbow. This does wonders for helping me focus during prayer and meditation, keeping me from drifting off into other thoughts.

One day I tried to explain this to a friend, and it suddenly hit me. Do other people see these colors, too? Maybe I’m the only one! Maybe they all think I’m crazy when I talk about the colors behind my eyes. (Someone, please comment and tell me you see them, too, LOL.)

What truly is reality? Even with colors themselves, how can we be certain “red” looks the same to every one of us? What if it looks like “blue” to some people and “orange” to others? But we all think we’re talking about the same colors! True, painters reproduce what they see onto canvas, but then we each perceive that again with our own individual eyes. How do we know we perceive the same?

Maybe I’m getting a little far out there, and maybe I’m just a little tired and loopy. But doesn’t it make you wonder? And aren’t a lot of things like that in life?

For instance, what about when two people argue? (I’m married, so I’m no stranger to arguments.) What if a “red” person and a “blue” person disagree, thinking they are talking about the same thing, when really they are discussing two entirely different topics or views? Think of the confusion and discord that would produce!

But that does happen, doesn’t it? We push our own points of view, and we often fail to consider another’s opinions. I’m as guilty of this as the next person. Maybe we should all just take a moment to consider that maybe the other person’s “red” is really our “blue” and maybe there’s nothing to really argue about at all? Imagine the peace that would ensue. <sigh>

So, what is truly real? Can we trust our senses? Can we trust our minds? What and who can we trust?

We can trust God! God is just as real as (no, He’s MORE real than!) anything we can quantify in our limited human perception. Why, then, do so many people deny His existence? How can it be possible not to know God?

Or is that just my limited perception and different point of view rearing their heads again? Maybe some people we think don’t know God really do in their perception. Maybe God reveals Himself in different ways to different people. Who are we to judge?

I know God. I know I see Him in a glorious sunrise and a serene lake. I see Him in the tiniest ant and the largest oak tree. I see Him in the faces of my children, and I feel Him in my heart. God is love.

I may not be able to understand how someone else can’t know God in these ways, and I can try to show them, but God is the only one who can open their eyes to what He wants them to see. If He wants to show another person “blue” for a while before revealing “red,” then who am I to judge?

I can be here when someone needs me, and I can grow closer to God myself. And I trust that, in time, He will show me ALL of His colors. And I know I’ll be amazed! Hey, I already am.


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